Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Weekend :)

Whoo! What a weekend! I am pooped! LOTS of stuff done.

The Last Minute Maul was fun! I have never really signed up for a art fair type of setting so it was really fun to get into it a bit and add to my experience. Also I gained a commission as well as a few sales after Christmas. Yippee! It was like an art fair with friends I tell ya. Deanna busted her ass putting lmm together so CHEERS LADY! Congrats to you!

I also dealt with some other stuff that I have put off for a bit and someone is trying to convince me to not give up. So that is appreciated. I have some thinking to do.

Have a lovely evening all :) Sleepy times.

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deanna said...

Thanks Danielle! It's a lot of hard work throwing an event like that, but without lots of help we could have never pulled it off.

Hang in there, think about things, but know you're loved and least by us cool kids.