Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Time to make you laugh as I want you to picture the shopping extravaganza. If you know me well enough you will find the sick sarcastic humor that I am known well for.

Ok Thank goodness -- we are done shopping. I must forewarn you if you are one of the procrastinators like I am..... be careful. People are ruthless and kind of a little nuts as they are in the shopping hunt. The animal instincts kick in and before you know it... a mad house. We were almost killed twice by people not paying attention driving....I could have peed and died all at the same time. Sheesh.

We hit 5 or 6 places and finished Christmas shopping in less than 5 hours. WOO WOO!! We were on a mission, dodging oncoming feet and enormous boxes and phew we made it without any scratches or major bruising. I always find it odd when a strange man rubs against me in the toy aisle(s), then I look and it is just my loving husband. hmm.

Anyway...let me get a hold of myself here.....I truly must remind myself to start shopping early early early and put all the crap on lay away or something to avoid the craziness that this holiday has become. Hmm a new found respect for what my parents must have gone through.

Really I don't mind the shopping or the holiday so much it is the actual wrapping of the gifts. If I had like a hundred bucks I would seriously hire one of those fancy gift wrapper folks to work their magic which are usually retired old ladies that are so awesome and really they need the cash anyway because their retirement isn't worth writing home about.

The best part of this holiday or anything that involves a gift is seeing that person open it and seeing their beautiful eyes just gleam with light. Truly the most beautiful thing in the world is love and joy and seeing the literal value of that in someones eyes. Truly takes my breath away.

For anyone reading my crazed lunatic post(s) I thank you and wish you a beautiful and lovely holiday. Enjoy it!

Much Love,



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Jallen Dragonhide said...

Happy Kwanzaa!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Yule!!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Festivus!