Sunday, March 15, 2009

Recent thoughts

Hello all! It has been a little bit since my last post. Been a busy bee on top of being ill for the last month. Getting better :)

My last post was regarding a friend that had recently passed away. The situation was unexpected and still shocks me. It definitely hits the heart and soul deeply. She will be missed.

The SAM gallery recently had the traveling exhibition "The Sketchbook Project" hosted by Art House Coop of Atlanta, GA. We had a great turnout and I was amazed at how many people would love looking at these sketchbooks trying to figure out what the artist is really all about. It was also the premiere opening for "Rock Paint Scissors" Curated by Deanna Chafin with works by Bob Reuter, Julie Malone, and David Langley.

Bob Reuter's photography pieces were simply amazing. The subject matter was often rough, edgy, and theatrical in a way. They also were dramatic and darkly romantic. Each photograph left me wanting to know more about the person. I look forward to his future snapshots. Bob is also a Saint Louis native and takes pictures of the people that he meets in his course of life.

Julie Malone's new work is seriously leaving me in awe. Most people know I am not a huge fan of abstract. I appreciate the abstract work and the use of shapes and colors but just never found myself drawn to it as much as others. Maybe it is a realist perfectionist thing? I LOVED this woman's work. I generally paint nudes and most of them are female so I am drawn more towards roundness and circular shapes. Julie primarily paints square designs. Her use of color and the spatial techniques in placement of the squares and surrounding shapes were wonderful. I found different moods in each piece. The color was complimentary or contrasted well against each other to the point where I was in love. Julie is quite a personality as well!

Every time I have seen David Langley's work I find myself staring into the work, medium and subjects. The imagery is often from a time most of us do not know or remember. It faces a different mood between gender roles and the exploitation of retro pop culture. David puts a modern spin on these images and utilizes a collage approach in the work combining several images to create a story. Sometimes the subject is daring whilst the other's can amuse or humor me and draw me in to a piece to a wonderful puzzle known as Langley to many.

This exhibition will be open from March 10th through April 5th, 2009 at Soulard Art Market.

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