Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weekly Check-in

As per my usual... busy busy busy. We are planning our remodeling which has to be done in about 3 weeks time CRAZY!

Tonight had the pleasure of going to a benefit art auction for the Epilepsy Foundation that my lovely friend Thomas had put together. Great turn out!! Also gained a commission off of the piece that I had donated. Really happy to see that the piece ended up in the hot hands of someone I know; one of my com padre's Mr. Dan Jaboor. I am very hopeful that the benefit raised a lot of cash for a great cause. Unfortunately we left early as our children were starting to become stir crazy.

Putting together more and more work for the July show @ Mad Art. Getting excited!! I definitely need the commission to come in so I can purchase more materials -- wood for frames, more paints, brushes, etc. My rule of thumb is I won't spend money on materials unless I have sold work. So I have been doing well on and off and it all goes towards materials and shows.

I have another benefit coming up this month for one of my best friends brother. He is headed towards the Paralympics in London 2012 and will be playing wheelchair rugby. I am really excited to see him striving so far. Putting together a piece for the benefit and hope to have it completed early next week. Along with that I have some artists donating work and hope to help in bringing in some extra funding for offsetting his travel and equipment expenses. Clayton and his family have been in my life since I moved to St. Louis and are like an extended family so I am always willing to jump in and lend a helping hand.

It is not often that I donate work, maybe a few times a year at the most. If it is for a worthy cause I am always interested in knowing more information. It is nice to do a nice thing for people with all that I have vs. what I don't have. Unfortunately I have to consider paying work always as a priority. Have to pay the bills :)

This weekend I will be shopping like a crazy person for the house. In my previous post I listed what we are changing. Just to recap we are remodeling two bathrooms almost entirely gutting the poor dreadful things and also remodeling our kitchen w/ exception to the appliances, those can stay for now. That project will be added in the next couple of years. Will also be sewing some curtains over the next few months for the bedrooms, living room, and kitchen/dining. Although I am thinking it may be cheaper to actually buy the curtains.... ugh.

Along w/ the remodeling we are going to be clearing out our garage of all our crap. Will be painting the patio furniture and recaining part of the table leg on one of the pieces. Darn wicker! In the next couple of months I know I will get a wild hair and sew up some new seating pads for the furniture outside.... waiting for the super duper delicious fabric store sale... usually towards the end of the summer. Although in this economy it may be that super sale all the time. hmmm.

Well folks that is all for now :)


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