Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catching up with me

HI all!

So it has been a while. Been pretty busy with a ton of personal things happening. Found out I had some health issues that i needed to address so now I am getting back on track.

I realized I haven't been taking care of myself as much as I need to and have been overwhelmed with many things so my body has caught up with it and has given me warning signals to chill and take care of me.

Recently I resigned from the Gallery I have been with for 2 years, Soulard Art Market. It really is a great little place. If you have not checked it out you should, there is some great stuff in there! I left because I needed to move on and do more projects on my own. I haven't had time to rest in a long time with different projects it can become overwhelming.

We have struggled through some health issues and discovering new things and seeing what we can do to fix things.

Our chaos is always around us. we are still workin on the house as well as trying to organize our chaotic lives. The economy sucks for everyone. blah blah blah..

Recently I thought to myself hmm I definitely think that this economy is a good time to be an entrepreneur. There are a lot of opportunities if sought out in the right areas. With Art it truly is a luxury item for a lot of folks to purchase something like that as most work ranges from 10 bucks to several thousands.

I have thought for a long time that i would love to create something that is consumable and relatively cheap for people to buy while I can still be creative. So I have been developing a product line for beauty products that are all natural. I am truly excited about this opportunity and am currently seeking property -- like a small boutique to bring my products to the world. There are several lines of my products that i am currently brewing up. Also I am looking into other lines to bring to the boutique like natural make-up products. I will definitely keep you up to date on when that happens. I have found a few places that I would like to look at as I have a certain aesthetic that i am looking for in a boutique. Preferably a corner store with some great windows to display some of the products. Love the older buildings and architecture.

It has been nice to just do minor shows and get away from the craziness that is my life. My true reality is that i am always busy doing something for someone. so having some selfish time is good for everyone once in awhile.

So that is it for now folks :) Will hopefully update soon! xoxo

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