Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lost in Time....

Lot's going on ..... getting older, kids also getting older.... husband has been ill and well I just get through what I need to and will take care of myself later.

Isn't it funny that sometimes we lose track of our own age and don't realize how old we really are until one of our kiddos has a birthday?  My oldest turned 15 yesterday and my youngest is now 12 as of a few days before last night.  Both of my boys are almost exactly to the day 3 years apart from one another. Have heard a lot recently that when boys argue constantly and make us crazy when they are young, they often end up being super close as adults. Strange regardless. As an only child, I had made a ton of friends and it was nice to have that vs the sibling deal because if we got tired of one another, you could just be on your way and go home. So at times I have to think of siblings as if we were sharing one shirt and stuck with one another vs. being an only child. That seems to work well.

My Husband has been ill again for almost 2 months now. It is so very frustrating to feel like we are going through a de ja vu situation.  What is more frustrating is doctors and trying to fight for your spouse, their patient.  Over the last several years we have become great at reading doctors and how they are going to end up being in the long run of the situation. Honestly, Dr's, We have no time for b.s. or incorrect answers and guessing games. It is pretty bad that you end up challenging the doctors more and more these days.  We have had to research our own documents and look up answers to this, that and the other. It is highly frustrating simply due to the fact that these folks go to school for a LONG time to do the work they do and on top of that the residency that is also a must.  What's frustrating is that they should know the answer to the questions we ask or have the will to actually do their jobs and quit having tunnel vision or just turning into a moron. We don't have time for that and neither does any patient, EVER!! .... dammit! lol. 

My husbands cbc blood work comes back with elevations on a lot of the red blood cell groupings. the cardio and pulmonary both said oh that's nothing.  I don't think so. We need a Hematologist as well as an Endocrinologist to look at the blood as well as the hormones that the body needs. I think personally it is Adrenal and possibly something dealing with the Thyroid gland. But we shall see.

Keep us in your thoughts folks xoxox OH and if you have ideas on what other tests we should run or any ideas in general, contact me! Until then, hugs and kisses.

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