Monday, November 10, 2008

okey kaybee

So finally I am writing my blog. Decided that after almost a year of having this thing that it is probably time to use it and make a good time of it. With my insomnia it may sound like a bitch session so beware; at the same time it may make you laugh.

We just moved recently and I don't remember ever being this exhausted in my life. The house needs a bit of tlc but overall it has great bones. Will be tearing apart a lot soon. Kitchens, bathrooms, and basements OH MY! OH MY, OH MY! I have my work cut out for me.

The kids love that they have their own rooms again. What I am more excited about is that we have a laundry chute. OMG! No more tumbling down the stairs or throwing baskets full of clothing down stairs just to watch it pop-out of the basket. hehe.

I am giving it about a month, maybe two before my youngest tries to put one of the cats down the chute. Only a matter of time.


So along with moving and trying to get settled in after the house is jam packed with boxes there is LOTS going on.

Recently the SAM Gallery celebrated their 1 year anniversary. This is so exciting that we have been open for a year now. The lovely creator of the SAM is moving back to Australia very soon. Kindof bummed and will miss Steve a lot. Really a nice guy. I know he is looking forward to getting home and back to a normal life.

Getting ready for some shows coming up. At the SAM, the $50 show has opened. I have a few pieces for the show already at the gallery and looking forward to them selling as it is time to clean house. There are some larger pieces in my gallery space that I am hoping a loft owner or someone with a larger home will purchase.


Kris said...

umm i dont know if i would give my little angel a month, maybe two weeks.. tee hee. you just be sure to tell my little bundle of terror that his auntie loves him even if he does throw the fat one down the chute.

Jallen Dragonhide said...

I'm glad to find you're blogging here! I just happened to notice that you're watching my blog.. followed a link or two, there ya are.

I like getting me a peek of what goes into Danielle's mind..