Sunday, November 16, 2008


Naughti Gras 2 planning is underway. This show is going to be wonderfully insane. I can hardly wait. We are working diligently on making it bigger, better, and naughtier. The planning committee this year is a little bit bigger as well and will be supremely organized. Is it bad to say I have spreadsheets of everything? You name it, it is on the list, no stone unturned.

The Open Call was posted this morning and will run until January 25, 2009. I am very interested to see the entries coming in. It is another show that I must work hard on putting some work together and I am really not sure what direction I want to go into yet. I know I will be painting and I really want to go into the withering spots of my mind for something really out there. But alas, we shall see.

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