Sunday, November 16, 2008


Today I was almost excited to get back to the gallery as it has been awhile since I have been there. However I think my youngest would probably either be dead OR literally be duct taped to the wall. Believe me the latter of the two is tempting! My poor husband. It drives him to the edge with this behavior. We are pretty patient people on most occasions when we know that there is a result just over the hill. However, with our son we are just not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Our youngest son has just been a nightmare and a half to deal with. Picture the kid from the "Problem Child" mixed with "Dennis the Menace" and multiply this incarnation by 20 = our youngest son.

So I called my lovely friend to watch the gallery and I owe him big time! My Savior!! He has been around my youngest on more than one occasion and understood the situation. So he didn't even question why I desperately needed him.

So the day continued on. I ran to GNC as someone told me to start putting Aloe Vera Juice in his juice (1 part AV juice, 3 parts reg juice - we used V8 Splash - the carrot kind).

Shortly after the little guy dumped half a bag of sugar onto an antique bench - we are still unpacking the house so there is different things all over the house. He got a hold of the chocolate milk powder and had chocolate all over his hands. Some of the stuff he does I don't remember but this is an every day thing. Somehow you just get so used to not having anything of value out and about to show off, you don't buy those things for the house. This includes new furniture, art, candles, anything nice.

He does things so quickly and quietly we just don't know what he will be doing next. If we don't hear him for more than a few minutes we know he is up to no good, or he is asleep. Usually never asleep.

Bedtime is also interesting because it usually will take about an hour or two to finally get him to sleep. This is an every night thing.

So he is finally asleep. Now I can breathe.

To add to our insanity, we will have to homeschool him until he balances out from the withdrawal effects of ritalin. The teacher cannot handle his craziness in class. She is a pretty young and calm teacher and the kids in his class seem to be that way as well. My youngest happens to be the outcast.

I am hopeful that the holistic approach will indeed help and work for everyone's benefit. We are removing gluten, wheat, corn syrupy crap from the house all together. I will have to learn different ways of baking and cooking to make this work for everyone. There is scientific proof that for these adhd kids it may just be a dietary thing or it may be an allergy to certain foods.

I may end up in a mental ward in the next couple of weeks but we will get through it... I hope.

Will it ever end?

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