Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Interestingly enough...

So Christmas is almost here and I have yet to shop. Been too darn busy. The tree is not even up yet. ergh. So tomorrow after I am done carving more lino tiles we will be busy trimming the tree. I have tons to do to get ready for the Last Minute Maul. I am running some prints so I am really excited as I have not done block printing since I was a kid. So I am really getting back to my roots here. LOL. I may bring some stuff from the gallery that I have been wanting to rid myself of. It is early spring cleaning folks!

My mother tells me yesterday that she has gone completely overboard shopping for the kids and has spent way too much money. I ask her why? The crap is just going to break a week after Christmas so why are you bothering? Amongst some of the gifts they are getting ---- Kameron has been eyeing Cindy Royal's purple guitar that she has had for a small time that is simply the perfect size for him, however, my Aunt purchased a guitar for him and a keyboard for Logan. It is going to be a rockin' house pretty soon. Hmm... maybe I will let the kids grow their hair out and they can start their own band. HA.

Along with the holiday crap I have been getting ready for a time of solitude after Naughty Gras. I know I will be relieved and happy that all will be complete with Naughty Gras for a while. So to regain some peace and balance again I will be shutting down the computer for a bit as I have the July show at Mad Art to contend with and the 30 feet of space that I have to worry about.

The pieces that I have in my mind are not only going to be a visual delight in the work itself but also will be something interesting in how they are displayed. This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time with the idea but had never had the wall space to be able to put the idea into reality. I could literally do cartwheels on the thought as I have NEVER seen it done. The complexities of my mind have worked this all out and I am flipping out at the time because it is drawing near too quickly.

If you are in town you will have to just come and see it to experience my thought coming to life.

As of February 14th, 2009 I will be logged off for a bit -- although you know it will be too tempting to stay off the comp and completely out of the loop. So I will check in about once a week with updates and such and maybe a few previews at what I am working on.

The gallery especially will be difficult to completely stay off the comp. So I am erging all of my gallery mates to pull in the next several shows so I can get all the graphics and such done and final before my solitary confinement begins. :)

Oh yes I must share this below....... View the pic and then see the explanation below it.

The other day we were in Dick Blick buying materials and they have had this gory red ink stain on the carpet forever. The first time I had seen in last year I thought it was blood. So my oldest lays on the floor and says look mom I am dying... HA HA. He is such a sicko just like his mommy. We had to get a pic. So NO I did not kill my child. :)

Signing off for now xoxo


deanna said...

I'm with you sister, I'm feeling overwhelmed. I'm finally going into the studio to paint and forget about everything for a moment or two.

I'm so proud of you for the Mad Art Show, it's going to be awesome, but I know it's going to be a lot of work for you.

That pic of Kam is hilarious.

Jallen Dragonhide said...

LOL that pic of your kid :)

I cant wait to see what you're gonna be doing.

Midnite Sun said...

Isn't he a sicko! I love it that he is so much like me.