Monday, December 1, 2008

My plate is dripping

There are several things going on so I apologize that I have not had time to write the last few days. Along with the holidays I have been getting things together for shows coming up, trying to get myself back into the spirit of school (ergh), and keeping my mind amused. I have put in a deferment on my school loan so I can continue schooling. If I would have known that trying to get through the school headache is more about money than anything I would have not even bothered, it is always something. The academics are the easy part. Just ONE of my classes requires these two books that are going to run over 300 bucks -- people making these books are literally ripping us off! These are not antiques people!! I found them on Amazon for around the 300 bucks. If I want them sooner I will have to order them through school and that will run almost double. hmmm big choice there. STUPID CAD program!!

The holidays were and always are interesting. Our friend Cat joined us for Thanksgiving as her family is out of state so it was important to my husband and I that she not enjoy the lovely turkey day all to herself. We were all stuffed to the gills -- WAY too much food! I love turkey day! The only time of the year where I will literally pig out until I am almost sick. I hate Christmas food, just not the same. The day after shopping is equally exciting, that is if you have the money to spend. If not, it is enjoyable to read the shopping ads and make a wish list. Dam if that money tree could only grow! I have been waiting years and not even a root! ((snickers))...

Looking at the ads I was pretty disappointed and glad because the sales were not really all that spectacular. There were a couple things that were interesting but nevertheless -- BLAH!

So Black Friday came around and I tended the gallery for a few hours along with Genevieve and Deanna. Deanna's dog is so adorable and hilarious. Like a little doe frolicking through the gallery. Did I say Frolic? OH hells yes. There were several sales during the day and overall a great day.

The last few days I have not gotten much done in the way of what I need to so starting tomorrow it is time to get on the ball and get back to work. Naughti Gras has planning underway and there is still a lot to be done. tomorrow I will be calling several folks getting more sponsorship and getting information sent out.

I will be making some prints and I have to find my lino scraper so I can get my designs into the linoleum for printing. I already have a few lino's done but have LOTS more to do. I need to figure out mat board pricing locally and hurry up and pick up some as well as some acetate bags to package the stuff in. Is really frustrating as I hate waiting till the last minute but I get busy with different projects and it sits on the back burner. Somehow it always works out. I also need to print up my portfolio and put it together for the Last Minute Maul. I am horribly broke so it is important that I must sell as much as possible. I may throw in more commercial pieces just to make some cash which I hate doing but gotta make the bills. I specialize in nude work so I must step away from what I really love and just get it done. Lately it has been also tempting to get back into fashion design a bit, I did it years ago and loved it.

Other than the above I have been updating my retouch portfolio as I joined Model Mayhem a few days ago. Retouching photographs is fun for me and I really love seeing the end result. It is really fun when I can just play with it and put different objects in the composition. I love photoshop and illustrator. Corel I bought earlier this year and I prefer more to use the brushes in that program if I am trying to create certain effects. Photoshop will always be it. I totally blame my Grandfather for getting me hooked on it almost 13 year ago. With error comes perfection.

A few years ago I looked at the mayhem, but for whatever reason didn't bother to join as I already have memberships all over the place that I have been avoiding to update, ergh. Model Mayhem seems pretty good. There is literally a ton of talent on there. I was asked to model but I laughed as it has been almost 10 years and two kids later, and of course I am not Cindy Crawford, therefore I cannot afford a personal trainer or personal chef. It was very flattering I must say and did strike my thoughts but I realize I am getting too dam old to do those things anymore and I am not a size 6... anymore. Wish I was a size 6, but already I need to get rid of a LOT of clothes. A friend of mine who is skinny is getting all of my old sweaters and such that I probably won't be able to fit an arm into.

Ok enough of my rambling for the evening. Time to work.....


Jallen Dragonhide said...

I like model mayhem... but I am so timid to follow up on anything. I don't want to do this sort of stuff.. by myself yet.. I guess it's the communication stuff.

I'm so ready to take pics of beautiful people, but so scared to do it on my own. --- I want to be... there for the event and let someone else pull it together.

I know I can take good pictures (if things work out in my favor... always that chance that things go south!) , but, I really don't yet believe how I can arrange and pull together the event to make it happen.

When I joined MM I got a lot of interest.. ppl wanting to do shoots.. I followed up with none.

Maybe I need more experience flying solo? or at least with a small group of ppl? I dont know.


Hey you. You're a babe. I would be glad to shoot you anytime :)

Sounds like you started Photoshop early... I started in 1994... Love and hate sort of thing, which turned into serious love last few years.. Have you discovered Adobe Lightroom 2.x yet? Holy HELL! I LOVE that program!

Midnite Sun said...

Aww Tim you are sweet! You are a magnificent photographer!

I need to get back down to the size that I want to and I may be tempted to model again.

I would be honored to retouch your work anytime :) Your style is raw and put together all at the same time. You capture what us dumb hearing folks fail to see and that is the simple beauty that lies around us, embracing our souls and we take advantage of it without realizing. You have an incredible knack and knowing of the camera and everything that I have seen from you has been nothing less than an absolute masterpiece.

If you are nervous about getting the shoots done bring someone with you that work with the model as well, an assistant to communicate :) I know you will run a perfect shoot and come out with a beautiful confidence... and some beautiful shots to show for it.

If they are stupid they will be offended by you without giving a chance to truly know you. I won't even bother with those types that simply have their own stupidity to deal with. Not worth my time.

You have done so beautifully with our meet-up group and I think maybe it is time for you to spread your wings a bit?

For me I think with event stuff I like to have some sort of control that it will go over well and if it doesn't it is my ass on the line but I know if it does well then I have done what was set out to do, and that is my mission. I do not like failing or having my name attached to anything that will fail so I don't let myself fail and I am really the only one that I have to answer to when it comes to something I truly have strived for.

If I have become lazy for whatever reason with what I do then it is my own fault and I know that.

With MM, Greg got me hooked on it and wow there are some great folks out there. Personally, I think STL has some slim picken's and some of these girls need a wake up probably some of the photogs too but I love photoshop and in the last several years I have had a chance to become ok at it. I still have a LOT to learn. I feel that I can help some of these people and get some experience out of it all at the same time and hopefully make some cash, which is well needed. :)

No matter what you know that people adore the shit out of you!! We love you so much!!


deanna said...

I'm glad you were there with me on Black Friday.

I can't wait to see the new work! Is it strange that I get excited over my friend's new artwork?

Midnite Sun said...

Aww! Yes thank god! that is why I stayed I figured hey why not, wasn't like I was working with someone else (won't mention names). If it was I would have booked out of there right at whatever time I was supposed to leave.