Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I have been busy as heck the last couple of weeks as Naughti Gras gets closer. It seems like the hours are just flying by and still a lot to be done.

We were approached by a new magazine coming to Saint Louis - "The Saint Louis Sinner" for a cover and article for their first issue coming out on Feb. 8th, so I have been scrambling getting my own pieces together for the show and creating different mock-ups for the cover.

Greg and I have been busy with different opportunities. He just had a photo shoot with 6 lovely ladies on Sunday. All of them were so nice with the warehouse literally a popsicle. I will be posting a few of my faves from the shoot on here soon as well as my different internet accounts. Also, I need to update Gregs photo website with the new pics.

These type of opportunities have been fantastic with the economy the way it is right now any opportunity that is coming up is an opportunity not to miss.

Other than Naughti Gras coming in on us I have roughly 5 other things going on at once that I need to prep for. I won't be on much in the upcoming weeks with my schedule the way it is, but hopefully soon I will be able to breathe for a small time slot.


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