Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jacks art show -- video

Yippee my video is up! Naomi is so awesome, I adore and admire her dedication to supporting Saint Louis Events. She works so hard.

Check it....

Thanks Naomi!




Bob Crowe said...

Hello, Danielle. Thanks for "favoriting" St. Louis Daily Photo. I like your statement of your interests in your profile - I can relate to that. Let me have a look around your blog and see what's up.

Bob Crowe

deanna said...

Awesome interview Danielle. Naomi always does a nice job and makes the artists feel comfortable.

Midnite Sun said...

She does a fantastic job! I am so relieved that some of the things I thought I had said didn't quite make it on the video (((Phewwww!!))

Daniel Sanger said...

great interview - really interesting - great painting too!