Sunday, January 4, 2009


I could have died and gone to property heaven today.

For a couple of years I have been desperately looking for a property that would be able to handle the amount of ideas that I get on a daily basis, some of them can be far fetched and others absolute genius. A couple of days ago I found that property after searching on and off for a year. The rent is a great price for what it is although I may try to get it lowered as the building will need a lot of updating on the inside from what I could see from the window that we can do easily. There is terra cotta work on the outside and the building seriously commands the attention that us libra's look for (snicker). It would take us about 3-6 months of hard labor to get the space up to par to open and would include putting in new lighting on the outside, all wood floors on the main floor which contains 7,000 square feet of retail space that is completely open. I would be cutting down the 7,000 square foot space into a gallery space that is 5,000 square feet with sectioned walls, new track lighting throughout, high traffic laminate flooring, and the other 2,000 square feet would be a board room, and two offices, one for my husband and one for me. There is a lot more to this and I am keeping it on the hush until I for sure can get the space and the financing that will need to be worked out.

W/ the economy the way it is this is a great time to get a deal on rents. For potential business owners I say more power to you, take the risk as it may work really well for you. The thought of going back to work for someone else will make you work even harder!!

The fact that I found this is sheer absolution of fate for me! HA FINALLY! My luck (knocking on wood) may be turning around to a great new direction! 2009 here I go...

((( doing the cabbage patch dance))).


deanna said...

Ooooh, you have to tell me more about this space! I've been looking in Maplehood for a while, but the rent is ridiculous.

Midnite Sun said...

The rent is ridiculous out there, if you can find something awesome, go for it :)

The space I am looking at is in Saint Louis in a great spot, building is HUGE and I am currently working on a business plan, and getting a sba loan to cover expenses, remodeling, marketing, etc. Rent is 3k a month, so if I break up the space a bit -- 2nd floor into either artist studios or an office space that would work well.

We shall see. I may have to hold off and just wait on it and find another property but time will tell.