Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Gerkin Merkin Company

Working on updating my portfolio and decided to create some branding this evening.

This company is called "The Gerkin Merkin Company". They sell Wigs, Toupee's, Merkins, and Extensions. A great company for all of your Prosthetic Hair Needs.


Cap'n Marrrrk said...

Wow. How long did that that take to do? That's awesome! I'm shitty at branding. I would take all day to get something half as nice.

Midnite Sun said...

You inspired me!! I thought HEY I haven't seen any decent companies out there selling merkins soo wtf right? Get the branding started and ya never know.

Seriously, I am trying to put my portfolio together to get more graphic work. I have enough web work to keep me busy for a bit (although I need more), and want to start focusing more on graphics while I am going back to school soon. ugh. Only 1 year left!! yay!

Jallen Dragonhide said...

(Booo cant post images lol)

I'm looking for a merkin like that... :)

Cool branding! That is VERY difficult for me to do, too, I always end up annoyed!

Midnite Sun said...

OMG how funny!! That is actually the merkin I used to make the vector for the merkins on the graphic. Hilarious!