Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Updates and Happenings

The last month or so I have been absolutely swamped with everything. I have started working on my pieces for the Mad Art exhibition in July (July 10th, 2009). In previous posts I have mentioned this show coming up and that I am really excited and honored to be a part of it. Also showing is Aunia Kahn, which is one of my favorite artists and is a talented lady. Mad Art shows many artists throughout the year and the art is always a treat. Also the owner Ron Buchele (apologies for any mispell) will be exhibiting his work.

In general life takes you on journeys and path's that are unexpected, unplanned, unorganized into segments that you must fit into the fork in the road of life. My husbands Great-Grandmother passed this past Saturday at the ripe age of 87. She was such a wonderful lady. Always sassy and always telling it like it is. She will truly be missed.

Currently the show @ the SAM gallery is coming to a close this weekend -- Urban Awakening. Check it out if you haven't already. Deanna Chafin and Kate Poss did a great job putting the show together. The next show coming up is "Next Generation" which includes art from around the St. Louis area from students ages 14 through 19. Two of our resident artists whom are teachers are curating this show. We will be exhibiting 31+ artists.

Tomorrow I will be interviewing a couple of folks from Art Dimensions for the St. Louis Sinner on their new location on Cherokee. They are currently renovating the space for their opening coming up in the next few weeks. I am super excited about seeing the space and all they have done with it. This is the space that I wanted to rent out. Unfortunately in this economy loans are harder to come by as well as investors to follow through. It is a treat to know something creative is happening w/ the space as I had hoped. Yay!!

Currently the show "Fashion Interpreted" a the Flax Gallery a division of Art Dimensions has some fantastic pieces up. I am proud and quite honored to rec. best of show for my piece hanging in this exhibition. It is funny because this piece was done in a matter of a couple of hours and the work that I painted over was done over a course of a few weeks and I wasn't happy with it. This piece was actually a test for the work I am putting together for the Mad Art Show. The future work however will be a lot more rough and sketch like vs. the refined form here.

Also I just picked up a studio in the City (details to be announced later). So I can finally move my works and paint to the studio and not worry so much about space. I may just stop on down there tomorrow while I am in the area. The studio will also serve as a photo studio for Greg and I. Really exciting stuff I tell ya.

Anywho that is what is goin on. So I will hopefully be back soon w/ more updates. Stay tuned.