Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's day

It has been almost 8 years since my father passed; August 1, 2001. I will tell you it doesn't get better, and it doesn't get easier to lose a parent or someone close to you whom you love and adore. Even if it is expected. Unfortunately my father's passing was not expected and very sudden. When it is sudden you are left without closure or a sense that they are at peace.

The holidays are hard, birthday's are hard, not one day of it easy. As a very special lady told me once, "Eventually the waves of the ocean will calm the stormy waters in your heart". While the waves have calmed here and there; I still have bad days where there is a storm in my heart and mind. I figure that is me being selfish because I miss him.

Celebrate your Father this Sunday. Shower him with love and appreciation for being your dad. If you are on the outs send him a note with a card just to let him know you care (Remember, you are the better person, right?). If he is far away, call him just to say hi!


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