Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family History

For the last several years I have been running my genealogy for both my Mother's and Father's sides. It has been the most interesting and frustrating journey. On and off I get back into it, retracing different steps to see if I missed any details.

While still in High School I started this jog down genealogy lane with my Grandmother about a year before her passing. She wrote me a lovely letter containing several details of her Mother and Father and others. It was like a story seen in a movie; with all the wonderful details about these people and the events.

Lots of interesting history available. Some of the history may have been life changing to many and may very well be in your history books. Do it not only for yourself but for your children and their future generations. It is truly worth it.

On my Father's side I have been able to go back to the year 110. Luckily when my Grandfather was alive he mentioned many details and my Father had sent to me a copy of a partial family tree. I still cherish that as it was a great starting point for his side. Although I have been able to get pretty far on his side I am limited to a certain point. I have come to an avenue where I have to go forward and trace the future generations to tie to the starting point where I began my search. Of course for certain states there were not birth certificates until a certain time and I am stuck for now on some details. Been researching land deeds, etc to find any tiny details that may lead me to my answer.

On my Mother's side I have been able to go pretty far back on her Father's side to the 1750's but am stuck in Chicago in the 1930's on her Mother's side.

Now I have planned a life journey to verify all the details. Eventually it is a wish to spend several years over in Europe to have the freedom to journey through all the different countries to find all the documents, take pictures, write the information on both families, and document everything.

Most of all keep everything organized, index everything and cite sources.

More importantly back up all files on your computer!! All that research gone would be such a waste.

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