Friday, July 3, 2009


Feeling a bit overwhelmed in many projects this last week. Hubby has started a new job (YAY!!)!!!

Remodeling has slowed down a bit. Also adding many projects to that honey-do list. We are patiently waiting on our countertops. After it gets here I will fill you in. I am tired honestly of microwaved food, paper plates and plastic forks, spoons, etc.

After the basement bathroom is done (will have pics soon). We are going to take a break for about a month and start again after all our organization is done. We are hoping to have the bathroom done by this weekend as there was not much in the way to do down there. YAY no regut.

We will be pulling out all of the ugly carpet downstairs and replacing all the flooring with laminate wood flooring. Along with some improved lighting, built up walls, and new paint the basement will look so much better. Also will be building a custom closet to contain all the massive amounts of clothing that we don't have room for in a normally small closet of which we have currently. The closet will have shelves on both sides and have a total of six hanging area sections. Eventually I will be replacing furniture.... The microfiber couches are not suggested for parents with ADHD children. They have had their time, let's put it that way. Eventually I will replace the furniture and remodel the livingroom. Not sure how I am going to do it as of yet but lots of ideas rolling around.

Monday we did a shoot for "The Shanti" a lovely bohemian type bar in Soulard (Allen & 9th). A friend of ours plays there quite a bit with his band. The photoshoot was for an advertisement coming up in "The St. Louis Sinner" Greg took a LOT of pics so I have weeded through most of them and have chosen what I feel are the best shots.

Early July (in the next week) I will be remodeling my room at the gallery. I am looking at painting the walls, putting up trim, putting a roman shade in, adding some plant life and building up a table. Looking into a couple of benches to put in there as well which I am thinking about building vs. buying -- so much cheaper!! I will leave all the details to my hubby which is much better at the woodworking than I. Although I am thinking a couple of nice Ikea chairs would also be wonderful.

Also coming up is the 4th Annual City-Wide Open Studios hosted by Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAMSTL). I have been busy getting lots of work together for this as last year was very successful. The gallery (Soulard Art Market) will have their Open Studio date on July 25th from 10am - 4pm. We have well over 100 folks come through in a matter of a few hours.

Have been trying to get the gallery revamped to reflect many fantastic events we have coming up including "Spoked" a bicycle themed art exhibition that runs in conjunction with the Tour of Missouri in September. This is a huge event for the gallery and St. Louis as a whole.

August -- Roxotica is coming! Cirque du erotic was a huge success and I am really looking forward to helping with this upcoming show! More Info soon!

August -- Donating artwork to an animal charity. Am excited on how this will turn out. They sent me a canvas that is roughly 8 x 10..... running through so many ideas with this one.

In August I will start planning once again "Naughti Gras" which will run in early 2010. Get your Naughti Art ready folks!! If you would like to volunteer, perform, or would like to be a sponsor please contact me.

December is not far away! I will be posting a call for art on the Soulard Art Market website regarding a show called "Remastered". This show will exhibit works from local artists that attempt recreations from the Art Masters in their own medium and style. My husband and I are curating this show. I am really excited and curious to see how the results come.

Today I am enjoying the weather outside and getting these cabinet fronts done. They are driving me nuts! Can we say get done already?

Have a terrific July 4th!!

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