Monday, July 6, 2009

Remodeling update

We started on the basement bathroom last week. This is the room I thought would be the easiest. Finding out that may not be a true statement.

We will be reframing the shower area to support the shower surround going in and the rebuilding of the closet. The problem is the folks who built this bathroom utilized some fibrous materials when they built certain areas of the room. Also the house was built and then this bathroom so we have to contend with duct work, existing soffits etc.

What I am playing with currently in the way of ideas and design is this... do we a/ remove the drywall and framing from the soffit and just paint the aluminum and go for an industrial contemporary look only on the ceiling? This will also alieviate potential issues with insects, etc.

The closet is already getting an update to its look so this would not be a big deal. OR b/ keep the framing on the soffit, replace the existing drywall w/ the mold resistant green board variety including insulation to surround the duct work and alieviate some of the condensation problems that have existed over time.

We have done most of the demo in the bathroom. Tomorrow will be finishing off the removal of wallpaper and then bleaching the heck out of the walls as there was a tiny bit of mold behind where the shower was against the foundation. I hate mold... and I have asthma. Should be interesting.

While we were removing the sink and cabinet I noticed something red. Thought for some reason it was striped duct tape but no... it was....

WALLPAPER! ((((SHRIEKING)))). This reminds me of expensive holiday wrapping paper. Reminds me of the 70's....

If you haven't figured out by now. I fricken hate wallpaper. I appreciate the design work of the paper today. Some of it is really beautiful and I probably would put some of the newer more pricier stuff up in a clients home only if they are persistant in having it. However... I have removed enough of it in this house alone to warrant hate for it. ha!

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