Monday, June 15, 2009

Madness Monday....

My oh my what a busy day!

We have completed the bathroom, well at least all the major stuff!! YAY!! We have some minor details to get done. Can check that baby off the list. I still need to purchase all of the accessories but that can wait a couple of weeks. Along with that I will be hanging up my butterfly collection on the wall after I caulk the back of the frames to keep moisture out. Will also be installing the shower rod tomorrow; which is a hotel style rod that is rounded vs. straight across and it screws in vs. trying to balance between the two walls w/ the spring type.

What do you think so far?

We still need to put the base trim in, the towel bars, tp holder, shower rod, curtain and other minor details and it will be done. Once everything is set in place I will put a before and after pic up so you can see the transformation.

I LOVE this vanity. I know it is one of those kit deals but it actually looked nice so I bought two of them. One is the above for the upstairs bath and the other one is a white one, a bit larger with drawers.

We started back up on the kitchen again and installed the backsplash which is gorgeous! Went to install the main counter area and major F-UP on the counter. Either the guy @ the store screwed it up OR the factory screwed it up. We double-checked our sketch w/ all the meausurements that were given to the clerk and our measurements are perfect. Either way Greg will have a bitch session tomorrow on his hands. At least the counter is nice looking though....

WHAT THE F? Yep this was not the only issue with measurements. They messed it up completely; every measurement was off.

Faux Copper backsplash. Love that!!

Technically what it all looks like. Tomorrow I will be sanding down the doors and drawer fronts and hopefully the humidity isn't bad and I can paint these babies.

On top of that stroke of genius... the composite sink is split exactly in the middle so that will also have to be returned and exchanged. Not sure how that could have happened. We just opened the box to find it broken... boooo hooo!

Ok back to work.....

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