Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend update pt 3

I am thrilled that the kitchen tile is FINALLY laid out. The stairs were perhaps the worst of it all as we have a small step down to the basement stairs and garage area-- "pass through" that had the old tile down. Took up the old stuff today and was happy to find the concrete board still in a decent enough condition and thick enough to lay the new stuff down. So we are taking the chance. The stairs were the worst of it all and very time consuming to get perfect.

Needless to say I may need hip replacement after all of this.... or a really expensive massage. Or maybe a strong drink.. or drinks.... several of them placed in a line in front of me waiting for me to consume them. :)

After all the work it is truly all worth it in installing this floor. It is needless to say, beautiful! Reminds me of a storm with the sun trying to peek through or aged slate. We will be applying the grout tomorrow after the mortar has a chance to set completely. The mortar bought was setting after a few minutes which is fantastic. It is some mix specifically for kitchens and bathrooms and it has a nice cushion to it. I almost shit earlier when I dropped the tape measure on the floor thinking I broke something. PHEW!! Good floor!!

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