Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend pt 2

We are getting closer to reaching our goals of getting the house done. Greg has been working very hard to get the bathroom finished and it is looking fantastic!! Yeah I am tooting your horn honey!

The flooring in the bathroom has been grouted and the floor looks amazing. Greg is now working on the caulking around the surround.

Before Grout......
After Grout..... did I mention I LOVE Italian tile?
Greg playing with his caulk! :)

We have a few touch-ups in the bathroom and some clean up and then we will be installing the major fixtures, new vanity set-up and the shower rod. Yippee!! No more running to the basement bathroom to pee! HA! My bladder thanks you honey.

I started again on stripping the remaining cabinet doors and drawers today. Wishing they were done already ugh. Although the process is a little lengthy it will all be worth it in the end. I have to leave on the Citristrip for up to 24 hours. Sometimes it works in a matter of an hour or two.

The paint running through the process of lifting from the cabinet surface... pretty cool to watch.

Looks like a wrinkled ass!

After stripping the Citristrip from the surface and applying mineral spirits...

Unfortunately the neighbor is having a backyard bbq so I am feeling guilty that I may disturb them if the sander is turned on to finish the third step of the cabinets to get them ready for paint. ugh. HURRY UP & Go home people!!!!

While I am waiting for the Citristrip to work I am working on other projects to keep me busy. I repainted the old cooktop with a paint that is made for heat. Originally it was a stainless steel color (silver). Time to clean it off and apply another coat or two. Today I am going to attempt to remove the oven doors, microwave door, and dishwasher door to paint them as well. The fridge will also be black ... have to wait a little bit until the fridge starts to empty so it will be easier to lift out.

We will also be installing the kitchen floor today. We have already applied Hardiebacker board (a better concrete board) to the floors and I am pleased with the results already. I am really looking forward to seeing the results of the tiling. Our only obstruction is the fridge as we are running out of places to put things w/ all the construction going on in the house.

This porcelain tile is called "Solid Earth". It has a nice finish to it containing coppery colors and dark browns. In a small kitchen this was the only major detail that I wanted to have in terms of a dark component to allow the room a bit of contrast.

After the flooring is completed in the kitchen we will then be installing the countertops, fixtures and finally the cabinet fronts & drawers.

I painted the cabinet frames on and off throughout yesterday into the wee hours of the morning today missing two openings last night. However there is another opening tonight at Soulard Art Market ( The exhibition is "Women are Goddesses" and also next door at the SAM Annex is Erika Kavanagh's work which is definitely worth stopping by! I hope to get away from the house for a few hours to check it all out.

"Nude on a Hill" -- at the Large and In Charge exhibition. Exhibition Opens June 12th and runs through August 8th. For More Info:

More updates to come soon!!

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