Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tomato Tuesday

Thought a catchy Title would get your attention. It has been a crazy busy day. The counter manufacturer came out today to measure the counter tops and see what went so incredibly wrong. Of course it was the stores fault.... hmm all times. If the store would have written down the fact the sketches were created by someone in the field I wonder if the manufacturer would have referenced them. Oh well... it will be another few days before the new top is here.. THANK GOODNESS! (doing the cabbage patch dance).

Sunday Greg and I went to the gallery and painted my room. It is a beautiful green color. We are finishing the crown detail in the room and the base board in white and then putting in a black roman shade along with black details on furniture. The chairs are vintage with green fabric. I also have some accents which will be going into the room. Eventually I will be putting in a rug... still searching for one that talks to me... maybe some pillows too.

Today Greg made me a table for the gallery; I still need to paint the top and put fabric around it, other than that it is done. Painted the side table yesterday -- so much more beautiful in black. It is a queen anne style table with the sloped out legs.

We also worked on frames for new work. I am loving the frames!! Reworked some of my pieces and resized a few. I am really excited for this years open studio tour as I am getting a lot of new work on the walls.

We are getting closer and closer to getting done w/ the house for now and cleaning out some of the stuff we have piled over the years. Amazing the memories that come up when you are going through things.

So that is pretty much it for now in a nutshell.

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