Friday, July 17, 2009


Had a lovely time and a nice little break with some friends and a new painting get-together tonight. Almost finished a new piece in the few hours as D.J. spoke about utilizing a ratio in drawing a composition and the math behind it. He also spoke about color theory and textures in painting. Pretty interesting and tempted me into a shopping spree of sorts.... at least in my mind.

I have been making frames, getting a LOT of painting done and trying to get the gallery room together in time for tomorrow's opening with Jason Bly in the S.A.M. Main Gallery. I must admit the photographs he sent for the S.A.M. Website did not do justice to his work in person. Pretty awesome stuff! Makes you look several times in depth to the actual work as it is a fantastic illusion. Would consider it photo-surrealism. Must check it out!! He is only in the gallery until Sunday, July 19th!!

We painted the gorgeous vintage chairs that have this lovely fabric with a yellow-green hue. The wood detail on the frame is all glossy black. I am really curious to how they will look in the freshly painted room.

Nighty Night!

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