Monday, July 20, 2009

The waiting game...

Been pretty stressed today with a lot going on with family.... My sweet little baby that I found almost ten years ago is sick. Unfortunately my ex has horrid allergies, etc; so my mom was willing to step up and take him and fell in love with him so now it is her baby. So happy that he was rescued. The cat was abused by the neighbors as we had seen them literally tossing the cat back and forth. After yelling at them the cat was able to get away. Within hours he was greeting me at my door step as I had just arrived back home. It was love at first sight. I knew if I hadn't taken him in he would have ended up road kill on a very busy road. He has always been the most loving cat always willing to snuggle up to you and talk to you.

Mr. Dweezil Zappa our wonderful loving tabby has been sick for the last couple of days. Took him to the vet tonight. He is very dehydrated and his kidneys are swollen. Completely hopeful that it is simply an infection or a minor obstruction and not renal failure, leukemia, etc; although the reality and signs are there that things may head down a different path as we are unsure if we are too late. My mom would simply be devastated as that is the little guy that has provided love to her for a long time during some pretty rough moments. It was hard checking in on him today. I didn't want to leave his side. He was pretty lethargic, wouldn't drink any water, had very bad breath and the second time I checked on him he was panting. Eventually he started purring for me, I guess to make me comfortable to let me know he was ok... or letting me think that anyway. Was able to get a conversation going with him for a few minutes before he threw up the empty contents of his stomach on my aunt's carpet. I just stayed with him and went back and forth between houses... checking on the kids..... checking on Dweezil...... repeat.... I brushed his thick fur gently letting him know he is loved talking to him and telling him he is ok and to get rest.

Fuck I hate losing pets. They are sometimes better than people. You can talk to them and they won't judge you, they simply vie for love. All they want is love, and food... and some catnip or treats once or twice a day doesn't hurt either. They are the peacemakers of this world. Even the "Marley's".

In this lifetime I have had some pretty amazing animals. Four Dogs, Eight Cats, One Conyour Parrot (which we later found out was actually a girl after many years of thinking it was a boy), Four Salamanders, a bat, a couple of turtles, many cockatoos, many finches, several frogs & toads, a ton of fish, one teddy bear hamster... um I think that's it. Each of these animals has been special and has had remarkable personalities and has left us with wonderful memories of each. I was Cindy Royal as a kid. :) Always taking in the sick, abused or abandoned without a second thought.

Not going to sleep well tonight..... ugh.

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