Saturday, November 22, 2008


We are finally starting to really settle into the new place and dig into the mountainous region (large amount of boxes) that surrounds us. Still cannot believe the amount of crap that we have in the house. It however makes perfect sense because we have downsized from almost 3,000 square feet to a little over 12-1300 sq feet. We have a lot to get rid of. I am excited because I am organizing a street wide yard sale. Trying to get everyone on the block to have a yard sale late spring. Having a larger sale will equal more people!! Hopefully we can get rid of all the crap that we have accumulated. Whatever is left will be picked up on the last day of the sale and we will not look back. Take my crap please! lol. Today my eldest son had a friend over and my youngest was up their twat every second he could manage. I just don't know how some parents with 10 kids can do it. They are special people!

The Sketchbook Project is coming to Saint Louis and we have a date of March 11th, 2009 for the gallery (Soulard Art Market). I am really excited to put a sketchbook in. Half of my drawings I never put onto canvas. Some of my insanity is drawn out onto paper as if it was a diary of sorts. The sketchbook is only 65 pages so I am pondering what to put into the slim pages. The deadline to have the sketchbooks sent is Feb 15th. The theme of the show is "everyone we know".

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